Experience in the financial-accounting field

Over 20 years of experience in the field have taught us how to adapt our services for any field of activity, so that our customers benefit from an improvement in taxation, to know at any time what is happening financially with their company and be able to focus on profitable activities within the company.

Simconta Accounting is part of the P&F Finance LTD and JCP Audit group → www.JCP.eu

Complete services

We offer efficient accounting, taxation, human resources, evaluations and financial analysis solutions, specially adapted to the clients' field of activity.
Complete accounting services means that at Simconta you will find a solution to any problem you face. Whether it is about financial evaluations and analyzes, fiscal issues or related to the human resources sector, we can adapt according to the client's field of activity and offer the best solutions.


In order to deliver the best services, our experts have been accredited by the most important bodies in the field, both in Romania and internationally:


    • CECCAR - Body of Expert Accountants and Certified Accountants in Romania
    • CAFR - Romanian Chamber of Financial Auditors
    • CCF - Romanian Chamber of Tax Consultants
    • UNPIR - National Union of Insolvency Practitioners in Romania
    • ACCA – Association of Chartered Certified Accountants


We build a relationship of trust with all our customers to create long-term partnerships that are beneficial to both parties.

I understood the importance of the details. That is why our constant concern is to identify development opportunities for each company and company we work with.

Our goal is to offer high quality services and to identify any opportunities that can lead to the financial success of our clients.

The relationships we build are stable, based on trust - the proof is the vast portfolio of clients who appreciate our performance standards and professionalism.

As in any other field of activity, experience has its say. In the over 20 years since the establishment of the group of accounting firms, we have constantly adapted our services, regardless of the client's field of activity. Only in this way we managed to offer anyone the solution
sought: improving taxation, full control and monitoring from a financial point of view.

In this way, our clients, collaborators and partners were able to better focus on other aspects of our own companies, leaving the accounting services in the care of Simconta.

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